Saturday, September 15, 2007

How Does bbCode Work? - bbCode Basics

If you are familiar with HTML, bbCode will appear much simpler to you, it uses different codes but works basically the same way.

bbCode is composed of a number of tags, are composed of square brackets [...] & a code inside (instead of dots) that makes any tag different from others.

The tags have to wrap your content in order format it, that's why a tag is always inserted twice: in the beginning then in the end of the text you need to format, with a little difference, the tag in the end have to include the character "/" (forward slash)

[...]Your Content[/...]

In addition, tags can have various options, for example for different colors, text sizes, etc.

This was just an intro, will next start with the basic use of some tags, then go for more advance use. :)


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