Sunday, September 30, 2007

How to Setup Your Forum Signature - Basics

Many forums allow users to add signatures to their profiles, those signatures then appear automatically in the end each of their posts.

You can use bbCode to put anything in your signature, plain text, links, images, etc. you must be careful of the rules of each forum, almost all limit the number of the different items in signatures to avoid spam or abuse.

No difference between bbCode use in posts or in signature, so first, for the formatting, I will refer you to the previous, & second, in the next post, will talk about where to locate signatures editors in the different kinds of forums.

Basic content edition lessons:

Basics: How Does bbCode Work?; How to Correctly Insert Tags.

Formatting of text: Bold / Italic / Underline; Colors; Fonts; Size; Alignment.

Inserting Live Links: Regular Links; e-Mails.

Insertion of Images: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Clickable Images; Alignment.

Others: Checkout the sidebar on the right.

Where to go to edit your signature?

That depends on the type of forum you're in, for the four most popular, see instructions here:

Edit Signature in Different Kinds of Forums

If you can't find there, post your questions as a comment to this post :)


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