Sunday, September 23, 2007

In Which Order Should Tags Be Inserted - Part 2: Link & Color Tags

I talked in the previous post about tags insertions, how to do it correctly & the restriction with the [img] tag, as it should always be the closest to the element (image URL) it wraps, see: In Which Order Should Tags Be Inserted - Part 1.

Let's talk now about restriction concerning the [url] & [color] tags:

1. [url] tag when wrapping a link without the use of an option:

To learn everything about [url] tag, check this post: Insertion of Live Links.

To do simple, & to get what I mean by [url] tag used with an option, see the example below (the link in red is the option):
[url=]Learn Forums bbCode Secrets[/url]

Final look:

Learn Forums bbCode Secrets

While a [url] tag used without an option looks like this:

Final look:
In the second example, & always when [url] tag wraps directly a link without use of option, & if you want to combine it with other tags, [url] tag must be the closest to the hyper-link it wraps, or else an error would occur in your final message.


[b][url][/url][/b] - Right

[url][b][/b][/url] - Wrong

2. [url] tag when used with an option:

a. [img] tag has to be closer to the image link:

I talked in detail about that in: In what order to insert tags - part 1.

b. [color] tag closer to the text wrapped:

Often, the use of options with [url] tag is made to be able to wrap text & make it clickable, i.e. linked to web-pages or sites, if additionally you want to give that text a spacial color, you need to use [color] tag (read about this tag here: How to Change Colors).

To be sure that your color will appear after you submit your post, the color tag have to be closer to the text wrapped than the [url] tag.


[url=][color=red]Learn Forums bbCode Secrets[/color][/url] - Right

[color=red][url=]Learn Forums bbCode Secrets[/url][/color] - Wrong

With the exception of the cases above, tags work fine when combined with [url] tag no matter in which order they are inserted.


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