Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to Make an e-Mail Address Clickable - bbCode Basics

Note: If this lesson seems a bit unclear to you, you may want to check basic bbCode lessons: How Does bbCode Work? & How to Correctly Insert Tags.

If an e-Mail address is clickable, a click on it would by default, in most of browsers, open a box from your default e-Mail client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird or any other) to let you compose a message for the address you clicked on.

For linking to an e-Mail you have two option:

1. To use the [url] Tag:

We learned about linking to web pages using the [url] tag here: Instructions on Inserting Live Links.

You can use the same instructions to link to e-Mails, the only difference is that the address have to be preceded by this code: "mailto:"


[url][/url] -

[]Send a mesage to John Doe[/url] - Send a mesage to John Doe

2. Linking to e-Mails using [email] tag:

This tag was made especially for e-Mails links, using it you won't need to add the "mailto:" code.

The [email] tag then, works the same way the [url] tag works for Hyperlinks as seen HERE.


[email][/email] -

[]Send a mesage to John Doe[/email] - Send a mesage to John Doe