Thursday, September 20, 2007

Final Steps & How to Link to an Image - Display Image Part 3 - bbCode Basics

We saw an Intro on [img] tag in lesson one & How to find the links for pictures in lesson two.

Let's now use the tag & link to at last display our image, then will see how to post the link to an image without displaying it in post.

Final steps to display your images:

Once you get your Hyper-link / URL / Address, with one of the methods above, rest to wrap it with the [img] tag:


Let's use our Google Logo link as an example:

Wrap it with the tag:


The result is:

Alternative to the use of [img] tag for posting images:

Some times you just want to link to an image without displaying it, maybe it's too big or would make he thread in which you post hard to load or to read comfortably.

To do that, simply use [url] tag instead of [img] tag, images URLs don't differ at all from other web-pages URLs while applying [url] tag to them, so to know all the ways regarding the use of the [url] tag, go to this lesson: Instructions on Inserting Live Links.


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