Monday, September 17, 2007

Choose a Font For Your Forum Post - bbCode Basics

Note: If this lesson seems a bit unclear to you, you may want to check basic bbCode lessons: How Does bbCode Work? & How to Correctly Insert Tags.

Let's talk about how to change the default font in your discussions boards messages.

The tag used for fonts is [font], and as with the [color] tag, you need to specify an option, which is a code representing the font of your choice.

However, fonts choice is limited in bbCode, as is the case with HTML, that's because HTML - & bbCode after converted to HTML once you post your message - I said, HTML calls the fonts from users computers, and depending on each computer, more or less fonts would be installed, that's why HTML calls only few widely used fonts.

Here is the list of codes for the fonts used in bbCode:

Examples of codes & their final look for 21 fonts:

[FONT=Arial]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Arial Black]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Arial Narrow]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Book Antiqua]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Century Gothic]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Courier New]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Fixedsys]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Garamond]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Georgia]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Impact]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Lucida Console]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=System]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Tahoma]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Times New Roman]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

[FONT=Verdana]Custom Font[/FONT] - Custom Font

Warning: Unfortunately, while the fonts work well on communities based on vBulletin , IP.Board & Simple Machines forums softwares, they are not supported by phpBB boards "yet". Checkout the following post to know if you're using a phpBB powered forum: What Kind of Forum are You Using?


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R said...

if a font is changed through the bb code, and that font is only on the end users computer, will the code revert to a common font (arial/Times etc) if the selected font is not available for someone viewing the forum without that font installed?

anil said...

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Adam the Kid said...

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Silvester said...

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